Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Raphael in China 2

The future star experimental kindergarten. The day before Raphael was expelled from his school Annie and I walked past this child care centre. Oddly enough, this was the place that Annie had researched in Australia but when we got to China, Annie’s father had already organised a few other ones so we went to that one instead. When we brought Raphael into the centre we were taken to the area that Raphael would be in and immediately they asked when he could start. He, of course, charmed the teachers immediately, as he always does, and we have not had a problem since. The monthly fees are more expensive than at the other place but because we didn't have to pay an initial signing fee and we didn't need to offer an financial incentive for teachers to not resign (we were prepared to pay Y1000 ~AU$200) it worked out Y100 cheaper than before.

A display in the child care centre that we noticed after a while of taking Raphael there. Certainly not the attitude of the previous child care centre.

Not an atentive boat driver
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ellen charge said...

wow living in china y did u move

Paul Bartlett said...

We were only there for three months, we are back now. We stayed there to see family and for our kids to learn Chinese.