Tuesday, 23 October 2012

I had the first appointment today specifically for sound localisation. The Audiologist said that severe loss in the low frequencies is the cause for the inability to localise sounds. Hearing aids focus on speech, of course, and so they are not providing the info for localisation. Having said that there is a chance that some directional hearing can be taught. From this we appointment we have a course of action:
  1. Speak to Australian Hearing to make sure that Raphael has the best amplification possible. I feel as though we may be able to do better for his left ear.
  2. Speak to his teacher of the deaf to try to implement a programme for training sound localisation. I realise that Raphael might not be able to localise sounds in the same way as I can. However I am hoping that, in the same way that he can walk without a vestibular, he will find a way to compensate and learn how to localise sounds using different cues.
  3. Speak to an ENT to make sure that there is nothing more that we can do for his left ear.
  4. Do some online research into sound localisation training.