Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Auslan revision videos

I mentioned to another family that I have been learning Auslan and they asked me to publish my revision videos so here they are. Of course this does not replace doing an Auslan course but I hope you can get something out of them.



Let's Sign 1

Let's Sign 2

Beginners 1

Beginners 2

Beginners 3

Beginners 4

Beginners 5a

Beginners 5b

Beginners 6

Level 1-1

Level 1-2

Level 1-3

Level 1-4

Level 1-5a

Level 1-5b

Level 1-6

Level 1-7

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Three years old and going strong

Raphael turned three today (yay). We had a party in the park and some present opening inside. He a very full day and ended up totally exhausted, falling asleep in the beanbag.

As you can see from his charts, we have had a very successful nutrition campaign with him that we are all very happy about. However we are now entering a new era of food with him because he is now starting to eat family food. He is now rejecting his old puree's which is unfortunate because they were very easy to fortify with extra nutrition, such as Paediasure. We still have other methods that we can use though. He still likes to drink his Nutrini milk and he loves to eat icecreams that we make out of Sustagen pudding.