Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Raphael in China 1

Baobao’s first child care. We looked at a few of the nearby child care centres and decided that this was the best one. When went there we met the carers (“teachers” in China) and the office staff and they met baobao. They told us what the next step would be and they told us that we needed to go and get a blood test taken. After having this done we brought him in and paid the money then we met the principal. She took one look at baobao’s hearing aid and immediately said that they could not accept Baobao in the centre because of his diability. To reduce the length of what is a long story she eventually recognised that they had already caused Raphael to have a blood test for acceptance and so she accepted him. The story does not end there though.

The following day when we turned up she met Annie and said that she had found out from the teachers that Raphael was still wearing nappies (we had told the teacher about this when we came in previously) and that this was another reason that they could not accept him. She said that they would be happy to trial him in the centre for two days to see how it went. So we left him there. That evening when we went to pick him up, the principal said that one of the teachers had handed in a letter of resignation because of baobao and if we could convince her to stay then baobao could stay.

The next day Annie went to talk to the teacher who had written the letter of resignation and she said that she had not resigned and that there was no problem as far as she was concerned. In fact the same was for all 4 teachers of baobao’s class and the medical officer in the centre said that Raphael was fitting in fine and seemed to be very intelligent, already knowing what was going on despite the language gap (hmm, something fishy is going on with that principal). The end result was that Raphael was expelled despite us meeting every requirement and even offering a significant amount of more money to help the centre meet the additional costs of looking after him (which there were none). We did not want to push the matter any further because it was clearly not a matter of finding solutions to problems but rather some kind of phobia. If the principal does not want Raphael in the centre then we don’t want Raphael there either. So we looked for a new child care centre (more on this later).
Later the medical officer called us saying how bad she felt about Raphael being rejected. She was very sweet and kindly offered her time to help us push the matter further or find another centre but by that stage we had already found another child care centre.

Raphael turned 4  years old while we were in China.

He can still vomit at short notice, but is less likely to get it on himself now

Kite flying

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ellen charge said...

are you living in china now r u coming to perth at all i am speaking again

Paul Bartlett said...

We are back in Australia now. We are planning to go to the perth conference. I look forward to seeing you there.