Friday, 30 October 2009

Progress update

After a long time on no apparent speech progress we change strategy about a month ago and we have had some success.

We have stopped giving him what he asks for when he signs for something and have demanded that he also have a good try at saying the word/sentence also. This seems to have paid off because in the last couple of weeks he has started using multi-word sentences and in the last couple of days his pronunciation has improved a lot. He is even occasionally letting a "t" slip out.

And here are some updated photos...


Lisa W. said...

Glad to hear of the improvements in his speech. Whatever works!

Love the pictures, too. He is really growing up.

NeiL said...

Hi, i've been following your blog since a week ago or so. Your story is giving me the strengh i need to go ahead with my little baby. The doctor says that probably our little Ariadna is in Charge's Syndrome. We are waiting for the genetist results to confirm. So i just want to say thank you, you're so strong and you're giving strengh to each other by writing your story in this blog. So, Thank you.
Raphael is soooo cute :)

anita.cornelius said...

Hi Paul, Annie and Raphael, it is great to see what a great little man Raphael is, fantastic photos. I have just left the Royal in order to get a break from medicine which I dearly need. My energy containers got empty and I would like to refill them before I am able to give more again. It was a great pleasure to be involved in Raphaels care. He has the most dedicated parents. Keep going, kind regards Anita Cornelius